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Here at Cargill's Gym & Personal Training we want to help you. Some of us need extra motivation, diet advice, workout plans created around our needs and guidance to get results. We have experienced trainers available to help you in any aspect you're having trouble with and we're ready to help you reach your goals as fast as you can.

Personal training is the ultimate training experience. We offer 1-1 training, small group training and nutrition plans designed for you to reach your goals.

Get in Touch with a Personal Trainer

Our personal trainers are self employed and charge varying rates from £25-£50 per session depending on their experience, how much support you need and the amount of sessions you would like to have.


Please complete the form and a trainer best suited to you will get in touch with you to discuss you goals and options available.

When are you availableto train?
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Which gym would you likie to train from?

Thanks for submitting! A trainer will be in touch within 5 working days.

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