Cargill’s Gym & Personal Training

More Than Just A Gym


We offer a wide variety of fitness classes that every exerciser from newbie to expert can participate in. 

Classes are designed to help keep you motivated, work hard and stay focused for 30 minutes. To get the best results from our classes we follow a set style in each class but always change the individual workout from class to class.


These morning classes are split into cardio day, upper body day, and lower body day. Each class runs for 

30-minutes and is designed to increase your fitness, burn fat, and improve your overall health.

Shape Up

Our most popular class, a full body workout designed to increase your fitness and change your body shape for the better in record time. Shape Up is a 30 minutes class making it ideal for today's hectic lifestyle and easy to to fit in your schedule.

Boxing Fit and Combat Fit

A Bag and pad workout in pairs or small groups. Creative cardiovascular class, perfect for all levels of exercise. 


High Intensity Resistance Training. 

A more advanced class using only weighted movements to increase strength and lean muscle at a fast pace to create a cardiovascular effect.


Every Minute On the Minute. 

High intensity class based on time and reps. The harder and faster you work the more rest you get. This style of training allows for maximum volume per workout, getting the most out of your 30 minutes.


Bodyweight Burnout

Finish the week strong with our bodyweight burnout. An intense workout using no equipment or machines, just you. This class targets your whole body and improves your fitness in only 30 minutes.


As Many Reps(rounds) As Possible!.

This is a class is based on maximal performance. How hard you you work as an individual, testing your aerobic fitness and strength.

"A year ago I started going to the gym and I couldn't do a press-up or anything else for that matter but with lots of encouragement I slowly got better and could manage the exercises . Mark is on the money with his coaching skills and very mindful of abilities"

Susan, Class member