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More Than Just A Gym


Circuits offer a shorter workout designed to increase your fitness, increase your calorie burn and increase your work volume in a shorter period of time.
When should you do circuits:
  • After strength sessions
  • Other times in the day, i.e. second workout
  • Instead of strength workouts if fitness is your main focus
Circuits range from 10-60 minutes. Pick a style that suits you or mix it up.

Ladder Circuits

Ladder circuits are a mixture of cardio, full body and body specific circuits. These Circuits are simple but highly effective. Each circuit is based on completing reps before moving to the next station, working up and down the ladder.


Every Minute On The Minute. EMOM circuits are a mixture of cardio, full body and body specific circuits These challenging circuits use time and reps. You have a 1 minute to do each exercise, complete that exercise in under a minute to rest.


Fat Loss 4. FL4 is a 4 exercise 4 minutes as many reps as you can circuit. Each circuit has one lower body, upper body, core and cardio exercise.  These circuits are perfect for those who prefer low impact movements or like to compete against themselves.

10 Minute Abs

10 minutes abs is abs circuits using time, reps or a mixture of both. These circuits can be done after your main workout or circuit. They can also be used as a mini workout when you wake up or before bed.